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Calgary Garage Floor Coating

Tough and long-lasting flooring that looks good as well

Since olden days concrete is the material that has been used for the garage and the driveway that leads to it. this was the choicest option because, in spite of being dull and grey, I did withstand the wear and tear as well as the damages that might occur due to the different climatic conditions even including special conditions such as snowing, raining and bright sunshine.  But, now it is possible to use almost all possible materials that you might envisage for the garage to make it as attractive as possible to also protect it and ensure that it remains that way. Learn more at





 The materials that can be used for garage flooring


 At present, since there is this patented floor protection coating and epoxy coating, it is possible to consider a number of options which include

  • Concrete
  • Tiles of different types starting from anti-skid ones to the graphics custom printed tile
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Wood

And much more.


 How can they be made long- lasting?

 They can be made long lasting by coating them with the special patented polyurethane shield coating that forms a plastic covering on the floors. This ensures that the floor becomes anti-scratch and stain resistant. It also withstands the damage that is caused by weather changes and makes the flooring withstand the test of time.